We offer compelling digital storytelling
that delivers on the Internet’s potential
to engage, inform and entertain your

We produce engagement, not
impressions. We transform your
content into dynamic digital narratives.
We weave text, animation, design,
video, audio and infographics into a
layered, interactive experience. The
result is served on your website through
an embedded, proprietary player or
delivered through mobile devices like
the iPad.

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Our storytelling provides audiences
with unique experiences that make
communication entertaining as
well as informative. This promotes engagement behavior radically different
from the typical Internet experience.
The results can be astounding.

For example, our collaboration with
Scientific American on the June cover
story “12 Events That Will Change
Everything” delivers a wide range
of multimedia content about potentially
earth-shattering events. This story
generated more than 700,000 unique
visitors and nearly 2.1 million page
views. Most importantly, those visitors
spent an average of almost 7.3 minutes
per visit, with two-thirds of the traffic
generated by referring social media sites.

That’s engagement— over 85,000 hours worth.

Cover of 12 events that will change
Scientific American

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Zemi builds compelling applications
for tablets such as the iPad, empowering
dynamic content on mobile devices.
We produce both hybrid apps, native
applications that draw from web pages
and load real-time content, as well
as stand-alone apps, downloads available
through iTunes. The result is a great-
looking story and extraordinary user

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How much is left iPad app,
Scientific American

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Storytelling is what we do. From 2007
through 2009 we published FLYP,
an award winning, biweekly digital
magazine. During that time, we created
more than 350 multimedia stories
on politics, popular culture, lifestyle,
personalities, technology and finance.
Media and academic critics called FLYP
the future of online publishing. We
were a Webby finalist in the magazine
category in 2010 and honored in other
categories in both 2009 and 2010.

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Corporate communications—like
magazines and newspapers—is migrating
to the Internet. Everything from annual
and corporate social responsibility
reports, white papers and employee
magazines to research and marketing
materials contain stories that can be
better and more effectively told through
digital narratives than in print.

We can translate your content into an
engaging, innovative and compelling
experience for your audience on the web
or on the corp.

We have created and published
web-based digital stories for clients
and partners including Scientific
American, IDG (publisher of CIO,
Computer World, and other magazines),
FORTUNE, Sports Illustrated, Latina
Magazine and ProPublica.

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Our development partner, ergo:ux,
creates unique technological solutions
for clients with stories to tell. They
created our proprietary flash-based
storytelling platform for the web as well
as a platform for the iPad.

ergo:ux, led by Jorge Romo and a
team of experienced web engineers
and designers, also creates unique
web ecosystems to help their clients
understand, interact with and satisfy
their customers.

Alan Stoga is Zemi’s president and
founder. An entrepreneur and strategist,
he has worked in communications,
consulting, private equity investing,
banking and the government.
Zemi’s core team includes designers,
videographers, journalists, programmers
and communications experts. We are
also supported by an external network
of creative and editorial professionals.

In 1995, Stoga founded ZEMI
Communications, a strategic
communications firm. He established
FLYP in 2007, an online multimedia
magazine, and ZEMI Media in 2010, a
company devoted to leveraging FLYP’s
storytelling expertise for content-
producing clients. Previously, Stoga
was a partner at Kissinger Associates,
the consulting firm principally owned
by Dr. Henry Kissinger that provides
strategic and business advice to
companies around the world.

10 East 40 Street, Suite 1900
New York, NY 10016
(212) 689-9560